Staking Features

Our Reward Mechanics


Monthly Reward Pool

0.5% of all non-referred staking deposits fund the monthly reward pool and these rewards are distributed proportionately to all users staking based on their staked amount every 30 days.


Bonus Reward Pool

1% of all staking deposits & withdrawal fees fund the bonus reward pool and the rewards are distributed amongst 10 most recent deposit addresses if there are no other deposits into the staking contract for 6 hours.


Invite Rewards

Invite your friends and earn 0.5% of their deposits as rewards whenever they use your referral link. The referral link is non-sticky so anyone can use your link and you’ll instantly get the rewards

how it works?

staking steps

Stake Wallet Balance

180.4 CNR

stake tokens

To stake your tokens you need to first of all “approve” the amount of tokens you want to deposit into the contract. You only need to do this one time per wallet address. Once you have approved you can then enter amount to deposit and stake.

My staked Reward

180.4 CNR

Earn Rewards

Earn token rewards daily from our Bonus Reward Pool, Monthly Reward Pool and fees incurred from users staking, restaking and unstaking. These rewards are distributed proportionately to all users staking based on their share of the total staked tokens in the smart contract.

Stake Wallet Balance

180.4 CNR

Restake or Claim

You can either restake all rewards you earn daily to increase your total staked amount or withdraw the rewards to your wallet. Reward distribution is executed in realtime with no lockups or delay except for the Reward Pools which pay out when their countdown timers run out and reset.

Why stake with us?

Smart And Secure



Our staking application being open-source is designed to be permissionless and trustless therefore all tokens staked via our platform are secured by an audited virtual deposit smart contract which cannot be tampered with by anyone including the developers.


Externally Audited

Our Staking smart contracts are externally audited by a reputable audit firm to ensure all tokens deposited are safe and secure from hacks and exploits. This process protects our reputation and adds a deeper sense of trust to all our projects.


Open Source 

Our staking smart contract source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified according to the requirement of the user. This ensures full transparency and guarantees zero malicious intent.


Freequently Asked questions

Staking on Green House allows you to be apart of a community and allow your funds to grow over time. There are features in place to ensure user interaction. Utilizing the bonus pool helps continue the user activity and encourages the growth of the monthly pool.

No you do not get charged a fee for withdrawing dividends. Only fees on Deposits, Reinvesting and Withdrawing(Exiting) funds from the contract(s)

This depends on the amount of Deposits, Reinvests and Withdrawals from the contract occur. Each user staked in our contract receives dividends based on there share from the dividend pool.

No, you will receive CNR as dividends

You can claim your dividends anytime, funds are paid out automatically based on the amount of deposits, reinvestments and withdrawals (exit) from the contract

Staking on Green House platform will allow you to make more use of your CNR or token chosen to stake based on availability. While holding CNR, its value does increase on its own based on the Centric system, however, staking here on Green House and being patient, will help increase your CNR funds while CNR value increases. Win/Win